“Why Didn’t They Build It On The F…. Sun?”

June 18, 2008

  We now have an energy crisis beyond any proportion in our American history.  It’s really our fault.  We sat on our collective asses and let our government allow the contributors to their campaigns make hundreds of billions of dollars while eliminating subsidies for alternative energy over a decade ago.  We have the ability to eliminate oil as a primary fuel within five years if we force our government to invest in our country instead of telling us about “free market” forces until we all choke from coal plants and have to do our banking at the Saudi Branch Bank on the corner of Main Street and Far East Avenue.  The Hoover Dam was build by the government during one of the worst economic times we’ve ever seen.  It provides an enormous amount of power, imagine that concept with solar mirrors and windmills.

 Public projects such as roads, bridges, and power plants gave this country the ability to prosper and grow.  We here in the Southwest have more solar emittance than anywhere else in this country.  If you don’t believe that, come out to Vegas in August and see for yourself.  The title line of this blog comes from the movie “Fools Rush In,” and there are days in the summer that question is heard from anyone venturing out for a walk on the Strip.

There is no viable reason for our government to not put together an energy policy and participate in solar, goethermal, and wind resources here in Nevada.  The Bureau of Land Management owns over 75% of the land in the State of Nevada and the military uses millions of acres as well.  The time for rhetoric about privatizing is over.  The regime in Washington is more concerned with Yucca Mountain than it is building breeder reactors to use the resources of the tons of fuel they would bury for 250,000 years.  France has been using breeder reactors for many years and it is only our paranoia that the byproduct of the process-plutonium-is a crucial element in nuclear bombs and (God only knows how) might be stolen and used to make one.  Never mind if one wants plutonium from a nuclear energy facility in a civilized country they would have a better chance of stopping the earth’s rotation.  People now drive to Mexico from San Diego to buy gas at half the price because the government subsidizes and runs the oil business.  That is not even what I am asking you to ponder-just get the government to begin to put plans and efforts in place to use what has been given to us as an unlimited free resource.  It is in our scope of national security.

There are answers, there is hope, but only we can make that a reality by demanding it.  The sun shines on Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada-start using the gifts we been given and get this parasitic government to do what it is supposed to-our will!  If we do, the resulting power will eventually cut off all money flowing to foreign countries for energy resources-and that without the shell game of opening up drilling that the politicians are already counting on to increase the flow of money in their pockets.  Of course now we have no choice, they have to drill offshore, but do you think that’s going to lower the price of oil substantially?  It will not happen.

There’s just no excuse not to act as you-Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public are paying through your noses because you have not spoken up and allowed this all to happen as your comfortable existence wasn’t disturbed.  All that’s changed now-are you ready to deal with it?

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  1. Great article, and well said! Posted a link to it on our web site, http://www.voiceoffreedom.com/

  2. Thank you VOF and tell your readers to pass it on to whomever and maybe we can get something going to take control of our future……

  3. Great article! I totally agree with what you say. More drilling is never going to solve this problem, it is just going to prolong our addiction to oil.

  4. Thanks for the comment Gaurav! It is a 35 year story about a facist government having it’s head wagged by the tail of BIG OIL! I wonder how much we will have to lose before we wake up and start screaming for accountability and begin to take things in our hands.

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