Welcome to Las Vegas, You’re On Your Own

July 16, 2008

We have the seventh busiest airport in the world here in Las Vegas and what began as a small terminal with portable steel stairs has evolved into a giant morass of four major terminals with more to be built.  In this expansion the McCarran Airport Director, Randall Walker has been surrounded with controversy concerning inappropriate criminal land dealings (“I wasn’t informed to them and had no knowledge of them”); questionable vendor awards with connections to Las Vegas officials for businesses inside the airport;  and other business dealings that have failed to sully his reputation.  His most memorable legacy will be the complete idiocy, stupidity, and incompetence of the construction of roads and signage leading to and from this airport that will guarantee that you will do the “airport loop” at least once until you finally get the reckless courage to take on the cabs and buses that will cut you off before you can make an intelligent decision to have to move four, yes that’s four lanes to get into a correct lane for either Departures or Arrivals.  Then that’s no guarantee that you will be in the correct lane for very long. 

If you are picking someone up, be mindful that if you follow the signs you will end up in long term parking, have to go all the way through the long term parking garage with your ticket, proceed to the exit where you explain to the attendant, who has heard this story a hundred thousand times and just opens the gate for you to drive back to the chaos of switch-crossings and death-defying maneuvering without even acknowledging your existence.

If you are heading to Departures be mindful that you will hit a concrete embankment if you proceed by the signage so stay right (but not too far right) drive close to, but without actually plowing into the bridge, and if you miss the Departures turnout, it will then take you out of the airport’s frustrating confusing circuitous route and drop you out on Tropicana Avenue if you don’t get in the correct lane in less than 3.5 seconds after you finally get four lanes over fighting those cabs and buses that are doing 50 miles an hour on a 25 mile an hour roadway blocking your every move to do so. Got all that?  Did you remember to carry the one?

The pure arrogance of Mr. Walker, who by the way is the brother-in-law of Henderson’s Mayor James Gibson (he doesn’t want anyone to know that, I’m sure) is his statement years ago in the press that read “The roads weren’t built for residents, they were built for tourists who use the cabs and buses, and the cabs and buses know which way to go.”  My last statement is simply, Mr. Randall Walker as you begin to prepare to go to work for a private company that did millions of dollars of work for McCarran Airport and now will be a part of the new airport being planned in Ivanpah near Primm, where you will undoubtedly screw that system completely up; we residents here in Las Vegas know as “the cabs and buses know where to go,” where you should go as well.  And it’s much hotter there than Vegas in August with no hope of a monsoon or fall weather.   Ahh, arrogance always induces pride before the fall.  Don’t let a bus run you over.


  1. Forget it! I’m not coming to Vegas now!!!!!!

  2. Just get on the bus Gus, make a little plan Sam, and then run over me…………

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