Death Valley 20 Mule Team Day Trip

February 23, 2009


The Yaga Labyrinth is named in honor of the indigenous Paiute people who inhabited the area near Death Valley, now known as Tecopa, California. The labyrinth is built on an elevated space offering spectacular views of mountains, deposits of glacial Lake Tecopa, and a riparian habitat of the Amargosa River, which is a stopping place for migratory birds, and home to the endangered Amargosa vole. -Tecopa Website  http://www.tecopahotsprings.org/


The new GM bailout model coming to your dealership soon………


And here’s the new Jeep bailout model…….


On the Road to Furnace Creek………….


Near Furnace Creek


Everybody Must Get Stoned


  1. I love pictures like these!!

  2. Cool pix.


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  4. Thanks Mike! If you are on Facebook, you are cordially invited to be a friend, just request it.

  5. Wow!…nice pics and i don’t know why I just can’t stop laughing on that GM bailout car pic! 🙂

  6. Thanks Gaurav…….pass the site with the pics on if you’d like http://www.vegasvig.wordpress.com

    That’s the GM bailout car of the future…..or maybe one from the Great Depression bailout..LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

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