January 12, 2010


Ash Meadows is located on the Nevada side just in the shadow of Death Valley and administered by the same Park Service. It is an immense valley of water that is just below the surface and shows itself in the many springs that dot the landscape in a valley located next to the driest place in the nation, the middle of the Mohave Desert. In 1978, the Supreme Court ordered that no one could utilize this water mainly due to the handful of tiny pupfish that were found in Devil’s Hole, a subterranean, thermal-fed spring, and thus declared an endangered species. At one time, 10,000 years ago, this was a vast lake and through those thousands of years the water evaporated. The only evidence of that water are these visible springs that remain and the water just below the surface that is part of an immense ancient aquifier. (All photos by Nick)


The Ash Meadows

The blue shift from the setting sun.

Prehistoric veins of a time long gone.

Granite crumbling creating a cave.

The Sentinels keep watch

A lava outcropping.

A can dating from the 30’s originally from India.

A dry desert mountainside looms above the aquifier.

A bush gives evidence to water just below it.

Nature’s upthrust millions of years ago.

The sun sets on a lovely afternoon………..

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