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May 22, 2010

 The original Moog Synth

Many moons ago when vinyl reigned and concerts cost $6.50 for a ticket that included at least one opening act, a complex fusion of classical, jazz, rock, and modern mash-ups emerged that sold out stadiums and arenas. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer were back there in the late sixties merging Bartok, Bernstein, Brubeck, and Beethoven into a style of rock that few could come close to duplicating. They were considered one of the ultimate “supergroups” selling over 40 million albums.

The concert at the Las Vegas Hilton tonight was in an intimate setting of less than 800 seats and billed as Emerson and Lake-no Palmer would be present. As many know Greg Lake was also a member of King Crimson in its heyday with Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford, but that’s another story. The monstrous nine foot stack of oscillators complete with old rotary potentiometers from the “Apollo 8” era stood tall beside a Hammond B-3 with hundreds of 1/4 phone patch cords to audio adaptations such as now defunct terms as envelopes, sawtooth waveforms, graphic filters, porting and expansion controls, and others too obscure to mention. Unlike the relics usually brought onstage just for show by other bands, this monstrosity was fully functional and used to palpitate your aorta and buzz your sphincter as Keith Emerson dialed his way to the sounds of yesteryear that encompassed the lowest lows and the highest highs.

The stage setting was at “Manticore” recording studio with just the two of them playing to tracks already laid down, talking about each piece, how it was conceived and the little bits of trivia surrounding each. With the “unplugged” atmosphere the talents of these men became more than apparent as each note could be heard precisely without the echoing of a vast stadium turning magnificent runs into a dopplerish muck of indistinguishable muddiness.

“From the Beginning,” was the first song. It was clear Lake (62 years-old) was up to the task. Emerson’s different arrangements kept it all fresh. They wasted no time going into King Crimson’s “I Talk To The Wind,” which was a beautiful rendition. After a chat about Lake throwing stones across a lake drawing inspiration for the next song “Take A Pebble” began and morphed into what amounted to the first side of Tarkus. There was one point in the show when Emerson (65 years-old) paid tribute to Brubeck’s Rondo from his old group “The Nice” years but changed the 9/8 time signature to 4/4 and included “America” from West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera theme-played backwards from the other side of his keyboards, Rondo of course, and then slid into a the sound of the legendary organist Jimmy Smith’s B-3 groove.

They opened up the concert for questions from the audience and there were more than a few chuckles about their breakups and egos. For the record, Lake declared, “to be passionate about one’s music requires strength of conviction and the band never argued about anything but the music, which if we all are passionate is a healthy thing. Don’t forget we were together constantly over ten years and needed to take a break from the touring and recording together. There was no ill will, ever.”

The “studio engineer” mixed the drum, bass, percussion, and layered tracks from a “recording booth” behind them and all in all it was a magical evening. Would Carl Palmer have made a big difference? Yes, but then the entire show would have been louder, less intimate, and the showcasing of these incredible musicians would not have been in the forefront.

They ended the show and came back for an encore with “What A Lucky Man He Was.” I was the lucky one to be there to hear their top ten hit that blared through the radio speakers of my car while driving through the youthful nights. The backstory on that song was that Lake had written it when he was 13 years-old and when they recorded their first album they needed one last song to finish it. Lake played it for Emerson who wasn’t impressed with it but told Lake to go ahead a lay some tracks down. When Emerson returned, the brand new monstrous Moog had been setup in the studio and Emerson began to improvise to “Lucky Man” not knowing that Lake had the recording button on….hence the infamous solo captured on the first take and forever associated with that old folksy song electrifying it and propelling it into the top ten.

The most amazing thing is that they have yet to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “When I look at some of the other people who’ve been inducted, there should be a place for the contribution that ELP and King Crimson made to the world of modern music,” Lake said. “Why ignore that absolutely stark reality, you know?”



October 10, 2008



We here in Las Vegas are in the top five areas of foreclosure, sub-prime, and abandonment of what was high-priced housing.  It looked like we might dodge a bullet with the employment opportunities of the new construction of MGM-Mirage’s City Center, Boyd Gaming’s Echelon, and Steve Wynn’s Encore among other large projects.  MGM’s project got snagged-up in a financing problem but is now on track and Encore is getting ready to open as well.  Boyd Gaming cancelled Echelon until further notice and the unemployment rate is now over 8% here-a record never seen in Vegas before. 

These problems resonate beyond Vegas-throughout the country and the world.  The deleveraging of trillons of dollars locked up in real estate losses sends stock sales scorching the indexes as the cash needed to unwind and divest indiscriminately throws out both the baby and the bath water.  So you ask, “Why bring this up, Nick, don’t you think we are already depressed enough for the next 20 years?”  Well, here comes the back end of the problem that no one has addressed yet.

If the government sets up a mortgage relief fund to bail out homeowners, the government is the holder of the note or mortgage.  If the people who are obligated to pay that mortgage lose their jobs or simply walk away from the home, unlike a normal foreclosure where the city and state still assess taxes (and the new buyer or mortgage holder must pay them)-Uncle Sam does not pay taxes.  Let me repeat that: Uncle Sam does not pay taxes, no way no how, zilch, zero, verkact, nada, nothing.  Ergo, if this phenomena continues in a downward spiral, tax bases will erode even further than they have now and less money will flow into state and city government, and even at the federal level as people lose jobs. 

I hope we don’t get to that point, but if we do, Newton’s Third Law of action and reaction (’s_laws_of_motion) will show itself in full force.  Printing money will go into hyperdrive (Not that is hasn’t now) and it could take many years to heal these wounds.  Hopefully, it will not get that far, and my red flag isn’t relevant, but right now…………

I am a part of it, as you are, as we are all together………………..see how they fly like pigs in the sky see how they run. 

We will get through this as well!



September 27, 2008

On the 56th floor of The Palms Casino on Flamingo Road, the Ghostbar has become the ultra-slick social spot for celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, the Kardashian family, Mario Andretti, Kid Rock or Pam (never at the same time), Avril Lavigne and more.  The modern furniture outside and the incredible view of the city from all points is breathtaking.  If that’s not enough, walk over and stand on the glass floor and look 55 stories straight down.  It’s a rush whether you’ve had a few or not.  The fun part is you, yes little old you, can go there and hang with your friends and enjoy yourselves drinking the special “Ghostini” to prepare you for an enchanting experience. 

The name of the joint derives from the ceiling over the lounge by the bar, that has an intended ghostly appearance.  You might see Bruce Willis or Halley Joel Osment without a ‘sixth sense.’  It’s a hip place that fills up on the weekend so if you are not into crowds go during the week, however the ‘stars’ come out at night and one will never know who you will see.  Across the street, the Rio’s Voodoo lounge was the hotspot years ago, but the change in ownership years ago turned a hot property with many firsts (first dance club, first wine bar, first ‘Show in the Sky,’ and many others) into a ho-hum sorta place.  The Palms is the new hot spot, but no matter where you go here in Vegas, there are so many deals with vouchers for food, gaming, and hundreds of dollars for return trips, the time to come here is now while they are discounting everything because of the credit crunch.  Just go online to and they are all there. If you’re in for a vacation no matter what the economy is doing, this is the place for value for your dollar.  And one last word; if it really is the end of the world, well this is the place to party into oblivion.  Hopefully, it will just be fun and worth the trip without the angst of reality.

It the words of Jeff Spicoli;   Party on, Dudes!


A Real Tropicana Folly

August 22, 2008


The Nevada Gaming Commission on Thursday gave unanimous approval for the Columbia Sussex Corporation to hand over operational control of bankrupt Tropicana Entertainment to a four-person board eliminating the owner William Yung III from all operations and ownership status and while the new board members undergo investigation for licensing in Nevada. Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Pete Bernhard said, “This particular structure at this particular time under these particular circumstances justify us approving (this deal),” “It’s not something we would do with any company at any time that’s in financial distress.”

So, I ask why would you do it at all?  The owner chased after the stock bidding up beyond $50 a share when no fool would have bought it for more than $35 a share, and then leveraged everything, laid off thousands of workers, pissed off the Culinary Union, and then defied the New Jersey Casino Control Commission by not setting up internal audit structuring that is required by New Jersey law. 

All of this stupidity, directed by Mr. Yung himself, fell back into his lap when the Commission declined to give him a permanent license and placed the casino in the hands of a conservator while waiting for bidders.  At this point with the credit crunch they may have a very long wait for someone to want to pony-up 3 billion dollars for someone to buy an aging casino in New Jersey while Pennsylvania is opening up huge gaming halls and cannibalizing New Jersey’s gambling business.

While all this is happening, less than enlightened journalists in Las Vegas are writing articles about how the big bad New Jersey Control Commission is practically communistic in their decision, regardless of the fact that Casinos were created under a referendum in 1978 that included in its charter – one of the purposes for allowance of those casinos – the purpose of the creation of employment for New Jersey residents.  Nevada could care less about that, the employment-at-will laws and the disregard for the working class has long been ingrained in the once small circle of millionaires, and now billion-dollar multi-national corporations with mostly the same management personnel, that rule the roost here.  One particular journalist even stated that if a casino wants to allow it’s toilets to overflow and its rooms to be dirty then that is their choice.  That had to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen or heard.  The business of this state reflects the image of this state, whether it is in New Jersey or Nevada, California-if you allow shitty operators to run shitty businesses, then you get a shitty perception of what your state stands for and allows.  Then this guy who actually gets paid to write this crap, states he thinks the Culinary Union is sabotaging the Tropicana and bedbugs were “planted” by those horrible union employees (statements the owner and management originally made).  And you wonder why this guy lost his license there?

So, here in Nevada where the good old boys are still the good old boys, Scott Butera a very good executive that I know from my days at Donald Trump’s Empire in Atlantic City, is placed in charge with this new board that has ex-communicated the owner.  Why is this happening I must ask?  Why is this hotel getting special treatment here in Nevada when it is so upside down, the sale of all the assets could not come near what Yung paid for the Tropicana Corporation.  In this supposed laissez-faire atmosphere here in Nevada (for employees at least) , why are we allowing an inept operator/owner to give up his ownership and control and stand in the corner on “time out” while someone else bails him out for all his stupidity?  Since when have we become a socialistic business state?  Hypocrisy abounds between those that have, and those that have not in the city of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada.  I’m happy those that are still at the Trop here and in AC still have jobs-and each person doing the work of three people – but the reality is they would be better off allowing someone to buy the places for thirty cents on the dollar, knock this one here in Vegas down eventually and make room for a world class resort, something this state should demand of every casino project. 

Scott should know that, Donald paid the bondholders thirty-three cents on the dollar when he went bankrupt back in the nineties in the days of Ivana and Marla and out-of-control Trump Taj Mahal executives that spent his money like sailors on shore leave.  And by the way, he paid that thirty-three cents on the dollar in notes that would convert to stock in 5 years, and I believe over 120 businesses went bankrupt on the deal, some that had been in business for over 30 years.  He forgot to read his own first book “The Art of the Deal” and then Steve Wynn did almost the exact same thing years later allowing a shrewd Kirk Kirkorian to create the comglomerate MGM-Mirage.  Buy low, sell high………you have to sell high to make it work though, not buy high.

There’s no tellin’ what varmints get away with here in the ole’ West……let‘s not even talk about that fancy 10 billion dollar water pipeline that’s gonna suck out the North’s underground water for Vegas yet……………..Whoa Nelly!  Talk to the Knappster! (George Knapp Vegas’ investigative reporter par excellence) He’ll give you an earful on that subject better than I could.


-Should have taken a left, what was I thinking?-James Reed (leader of the Donner Party)










Too Close For Comfort

June 29, 2008


Pictures from my balcony deck

I was standing on my deck overlooking the mountains when a small plane, a Piper-Cherokee, came in over the tree tops not 100 feet away from my house.  It was apparent that they were attempting to make an emergency landing. If they had been able to travel another 300 feet they might have made it to the Mary Jane Falls trail parking area, but the left wing hit an electrical pole and that pulled the plane left and down into the ground and it exploded instantly.  Fuel went into the air and started fires over a hundred feet from the crash site.  By the time a fire truck was on the scene many more were needed and it got out of control quickly.  Metro police didn’t arrive until much later, and there was chaos everywhere with tourists running through the woods right next to the fire.  The plane was completely charred and almost unrecognizable. The heat from the fire was oppressive and I could feel the intensity over 300 feet away.  I watched as 90ft. pine trees went up as if they were doused in gasoline.  

It is apparent we are not prepared as well as we should be up here in Mt. Charleston on the weekends with the large increase in visitors and no local authorities patrolling. I gave up complaining at town meetings years ago.  Nothing was ever done because there were too many entities that thought the other ones should be responsible, so essentially no one did anything. The Forest Service, the Metropolitan police, the State Parks person, the Mt. Charleston committee, the Clark County Commissioners..etc. (Get the idea?) In the snows of winter, utter chaos ensues. Why?-No patrols.  In the summer, an overload from the Vegas valley below.  Families will pull into vacant houses and use them as if they were their own, setting up a barbeque and using the outdoor patio, tables and chairs.  If we neighbors didn’t police ourselves no one would. 

Eventually, we were told to evacuate the scene at approximately 6pm and I left rather than chance the possibility of smoke inhalation if the wind had shifted in the night.  There were no survivors of the four people in the plane. 

Only in Nevada do we allow unpatrolled large recreational acreage that is also extremely fragile and extreme fire hazards as well.  Only in Nevada do we allow the sale of fireworks in a dry desert on the week preceding July 4th, and allow airspace above impossible terrain to maintain, to be used by anyone that can fly a plane.  This one came within a hundred feet to have destroyed my home and many others around me.  So where’s our protection?  You can’t smoke in a bar without the health police fining the establishment, but you can destroy an entire fragile environment with the government’s blessing.  It’s a wayward cowboy mentality.  Use it, abuse it, and the hell with anyone else.  If there was a single desert tortoise involved, holy hell would break loose and there would be a bevy of BLM busybodies bitching and bellowing.

Ah yes, the twisted contemporary attitude of the New West.

 Permission to reproduce is granted for any media as long as source and author is provided.



“Why Didn’t They Build It On The F…. Sun?”

June 18, 2008

  We now have an energy crisis beyond any proportion in our American history.  It’s really our fault.  We sat on our collective asses and let our government allow the contributors to their campaigns make hundreds of billions of dollars while eliminating subsidies for alternative energy over a decade ago.  We have the ability to eliminate oil as a primary fuel within five years if we force our government to invest in our country instead of telling us about “free market” forces until we all choke from coal plants and have to do our banking at the Saudi Branch Bank on the corner of Main Street and Far East Avenue.  The Hoover Dam was build by the government during one of the worst economic times we’ve ever seen.  It provides an enormous amount of power, imagine that concept with solar mirrors and windmills.

 Public projects such as roads, bridges, and power plants gave this country the ability to prosper and grow.  We here in the Southwest have more solar emittance than anywhere else in this country.  If you don’t believe that, come out to Vegas in August and see for yourself.  The title line of this blog comes from the movie “Fools Rush In,” and there are days in the summer that question is heard from anyone venturing out for a walk on the Strip.

There is no viable reason for our government to not put together an energy policy and participate in solar, goethermal, and wind resources here in Nevada.  The Bureau of Land Management owns over 75% of the land in the State of Nevada and the military uses millions of acres as well.  The time for rhetoric about privatizing is over.  The regime in Washington is more concerned with Yucca Mountain than it is building breeder reactors to use the resources of the tons of fuel they would bury for 250,000 years.  France has been using breeder reactors for many years and it is only our paranoia that the byproduct of the process-plutonium-is a crucial element in nuclear bombs and (God only knows how) might be stolen and used to make one.  Never mind if one wants plutonium from a nuclear energy facility in a civilized country they would have a better chance of stopping the earth’s rotation.  People now drive to Mexico from San Diego to buy gas at half the price because the government subsidizes and runs the oil business.  That is not even what I am asking you to ponder-just get the government to begin to put plans and efforts in place to use what has been given to us as an unlimited free resource.  It is in our scope of national security.

There are answers, there is hope, but only we can make that a reality by demanding it.  The sun shines on Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada-start using the gifts we been given and get this parasitic government to do what it is supposed to-our will!  If we do, the resulting power will eventually cut off all money flowing to foreign countries for energy resources-and that without the shell game of opening up drilling that the politicians are already counting on to increase the flow of money in their pockets.  Of course now we have no choice, they have to drill offshore, but do you think that’s going to lower the price of oil substantially?  It will not happen.

There’s just no excuse not to act as you-Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public are paying through your noses because you have not spoken up and allowed this all to happen as your comfortable existence wasn’t disturbed.  All that’s changed now-are you ready to deal with it?

Feel free to copy and post wherever you like, just include sourcing and author.



June 15, 2008

I decided to show some views from my balcony that I shot at 6 am in the morning.  I am so lucky to have these gifts, and I’m only 40 minutes from Las Vegas.


In The Pink in Atlantic City

June 6, 2008

I read a column from an local Atlantic County entertainment paper by Pinky Kravitz, a local personality who is still very active at over 80 years old and is probably the area’s biggest booster there ever was.  He is the Larry Kudlow of Atlantic City in that respect. I have known him from many years of working in Atlantic City and he is a true gentleman.

In his article he quotes facts and figures that he found in a 1925 realtor pamphlet.  I had to share them with you to put in perspective the comparison of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  Here we go:

“In that year, the permanent population of Atlantic City was approximately 65,000 people. The average population in the city at that time, including seasonal visitors, was about 100,000 people. It was estimated that the annual number of visitors to Atlantic City was 10 million.

There were about 1,000 hotels in Atlantic City in 1925, there were 13 churches of all denominations in the city………The city had six ocean piers. There were 21 movie theaters. There were 400 sailing and fishing yachts and power launches at the various docks in the city. There were two double-track steam railroads, there were two double-track steam railroads to New York.

There were six newspapers. There were three life-saving stations. There were three hospitals in Atlantic City. Within the city‘s limits, there were three golf courses. There were 100 doctors and surgeons who lived in Atlantic City and there were 12 bank and trust companies.”


And now….

“Today’s permanent population is down to 45,000. Today’s Atlantic City hosts 34 million visitors (mostly day trippers). There are 14 major hotels and few guesthouses and many less churches.

There are four piers left that extend out over the water now: The Pier at Caesars, Central Pier, Steel Pier and the Garden Pier. The city’s movie theaters dropped from 21 to 1.  There is only one set of rail tracks for trains to Philadelphia; currently there is no train service directly to New York, There is no daily newspaper, plant or office based in Atlantic City; there is one daily that covers the city and the region.

There is a miniature golf course on the Boardwalk, but no more golf courses in the city. The number of doctors and surgeons in the city has dramatically decreased. The number of banks and trust companies has too.

The 1925 realtor pamphlet glowingly stated: “Today we find a gorgeous city … visited by 10 million people yearly, a city [that] personifies the Spirit of America at play. Originally just one of America’s numerous watering places, its sheer superiority makes it supreme as a summer playground, while of late years it has become recognized more and more as the one great winter resort of the North.”

 and now this last paragraph

 “Atlantic City is a city in every sense of the word. It is one of the most interesting ones in America. There are miles of shops to supply every human want, with the wares of Paris and London, displayed side-by-side with the creations of America’s own artisans……. All other world-renowned resorts, piled into one cannot approach it in splendor — and none of them can rival it in interest or comfort. No treatment of Atlantic City’s institutions, however brief, is complete until its wonderful “Beauty Pageants” are brought into the picture. These pageants have become a national institution, attracting worldwide attention……

An airport, a pioneer of the world, and flying field in the south edge of the city, provide an aerial mail station and a good landing field for aircraft. Golf has an all season home here on three excellent and easily extensible courses. These links have acquired such prestige that Atlantic City may, with due modesty, claim to be one of the most important golfing centers of America.”

The irony of it is, that decribes Las Vegas today more than Atlantic City in 1925.  That promotional narrative from 1925 could easily be lifted, Las Vegas’ name inserted, and would be found in any of today’s travel guides.  The pity is that Atlantic City after 30 years and well over a trillion dollars of investment has yet to achieve, at the very least, what they once had.

The ever ebullient and positive cheerleader Pinky Kravitz, God bless his eternal optimistic soul, ends his column with this:

“With that kind of a background, you can understand why those of us who reside here love this wonderful city and its environs.”

To show such pride with the numbers and facts running against you, and the fastidious devotion is something I just can’t criticize; that we should have people here that are so loyal through so many years……


Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?- Las Vegas Style

May 17, 2008


Las Vegas Motorist-Is that what that sound was a while back?


Las Vegas Resident-That there’s a gamblin’ chicken, let’s grab it and go play Mega Bucks!


Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman-If one of those chickens even thinks they are going to sleep under an overpass I’ll send em’ packin’ to Utah!


Las Vegas’ Steve Wynn-We don’t cater to chickens crossing roads at our hotel unless they have a five star Mobil rating.


Las Vegas’ Sheldon Adelson (Venetian)  We allow all chickens to have conventions here regularly, especially those who hate Steve Wynn.


Las Vegas Tropicana-We don’t want any more problems with poultry or any other culinary enterprise.


Las Vegas Governor Gibbons-Well if the little chick wants to have a drink with me, what’s the harm?


Las Vegas Reporter George Knapp-This chicken must have come from an alien craft at a place called ” S-4″ in Nevada’s Area  51, according to my source Bob Lazar, and actually flew across the road.


Las Vegas’ Water Authority’s Pat Mulroy-If you think that chicken is going to stop us from running this water pipeline to the north of this state, that’s pure chickenshit.


Siegfried & Roy-That chicken would have been safer than our tigers, for sure.


Pamela Anderson-This town has enough strutting breasts, who cares about this one?


Gary Waddell-We’re live with the Channel 8 helicopter and can report that the walk is now over and the casino evacuation has ended.


Nevada Tavern Owners Association-We cater to chickens that want to smoke and cross roads!


Nevada Health District-That chicken will never smoke in our taverns if we catch her, now if she crosses the road and gets hepatitis from a health clinic that’s a different matter.


Nevada Resident Heidi Fleiss-That chicken is welcome on my ranch anytime as long as she produces.


Brian Greenspun-That chicken has been ignored by the right wing fanatics of the media and should be allowed to cross and cross and cross as many roads as she wants.


The Las Vegas Sun-Whatever the Review Journal thinks, we disagree.


City Life Magazine-Unless that chicken wants to do an interactive interview from a brothel, we don’t care how many roads she crosses and stop trying to tell us what to print!


Las Vegas Weekly-We can’t use her unless she’s dripping wet with sexual innuendo and has triple D’s for our weekly cover.


And the now the rest of the country


Pat Buchanan-The chicken must be made to understand our values and morals and produce eggs to be a true American.


 Mike Huckabee-I say if that chicken was here at this NRA meeting today, she’d hit the floor after hearing the shots fired!


Barack Obama-The chicken crossed the road because she was tired of the same old government and knew it was Time For A Change! (Hey did I just hear a shot fired?)


Hillary Clinton-I will not stop until every chicken has crossed the road safely with health care!


Bill O’Reilly-That chicken is flaunting our laws and our way of life and should be eaten!


Al Gore-I don’t really care about that chicken, I’m too busy collecting Nobel Prizes.


President Bush-I have seen this chicken and she is a terrorist and will be caught by our military soon.


Nancy Grace-She brought it on herself, the slut, by going out and exposing her breasts to the public, I don’t have any sympathy if she made it or not!


Elliot Spitzer-The chicken crossed the line the same way I did and deserves to be left alone.


Bill Clinton-Anything with two legs can cross the line with me.


Newt Grinrich-That chicken is taking American jobs away from our people and should be sent back to the other side of the road immediately.


California Supreme Court-These chickens can marry and then cross the road, and the roosters have the same rights!


New Jersey Motorist-That god damn chicken didn’t pay a toll like the rest of us, the son-of-a-bitch! 


The above article can be reproduced with the proper credits given to the author. Thanks Randy!



Vegas “Star” Treks Off Without An Enterprise

May 14, 2008

Spokespersons for Cedar Fair, the parent company of the old Paramount Parks corporation, has announced that they may be leaving the Las Vegas Hilton if a new lease isn’t signed by June of this year.  Farewell Farengis, no more beaming up and down, no more taking the “con” and no more Khan.  It has been more than 10 years that the expansive interactive entertainment exhibit has been operating here in Vegas, and many trek to the Hilton specifically for this experience.  It is a fun ride/exhibit/fantasy show and one that may never be duplicated again.  The waning interest in the television series and movies has not generated an interest in things “Star Trek” for a few years and as there are no plans for any further production of them, the future looks bleak for Trekkies and other curiousity seekers not so saturated with bootlegged Romulan ale.  The opening of the experience takes you up the “turbolift” to the operating control room (the con) where live actors are piloting the Enterprise.  It’s a bit awkward as these people stay in character as you gawk into this fantasy, but it makes for a lot of wide-eyed fun for children.  For more see an article from Vegas’ Review Journal:

And don’t blame me for bringing the bad news.  I’m a blogger not a doctor, dammit, Jim!