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Vegas “Star” Treks Off Without An Enterprise

May 14, 2008

Spokespersons for Cedar Fair, the parent company of the old Paramount Parks corporation, has announced that they may be leaving the Las Vegas Hilton if a new lease isn’t signed by June of this year.  Farewell Farengis, no more beaming up and down, no more taking the “con” and no more Khan.  It has been more than 10 years that the expansive interactive entertainment exhibit has been operating here in Vegas, and many trek to the Hilton specifically for this experience.  It is a fun ride/exhibit/fantasy show and one that may never be duplicated again.  The waning interest in the television series and movies has not generated an interest in things “Star Trek” for a few years and as there are no plans for any further production of them, the future looks bleak for Trekkies and other curiousity seekers not so saturated with bootlegged Romulan ale.  The opening of the experience takes you up the “turbolift” to the operating control room (the con) where live actors are piloting the Enterprise.  It’s a bit awkward as these people stay in character as you gawk into this fantasy, but it makes for a lot of wide-eyed fun for children.  For more see an article from Vegas’ Review Journal:

And don’t blame me for bringing the bad news.  I’m a blogger not a doctor, dammit, Jim!